Our patented* multilayered insulation quilt is Kader fed directly into a clear-span marquee profile for ease of installation and a near airtight seal.


Thermoline offers remarkable thermal benefits, regulating a stable temperature in any temporary structure.

Stable Temperature in Temporary Structures.



From refrigerated supermarket extensions to temporary education facilities; from rapid deployment structures for aid organisations to entertainment venues such as cinemas, theatres and restaurants. The use of ThermoLines multi-foil reflective linings are endless across all commercial, government and public sectors.



The patented* technology in the Thermoline Product offers exceptional results for insulating marquee roofs, walls and floors. The unique composition effectively deals with all forms of energy transmission including conduction, convection by reflecting infra-red radiation and vapour control.


Temperature Control

Thermoline is used to provide exceptional temperature control.

Low temperatures can be maintained effectively in conjunction with mechanical cooling systems. Stable temperatures are regulated effortlessly whilst reducing energy consumption, cutting fuel bills and limiting harmful CO2 emissions.



Thermoline has been developed with rapid deployment structures as our core focus. Utilising standard Kader technology we can thermally wrap a 20 x 20m marquee in a matter of hours.

Clients Testimonials

See how customers are putting Thermoline to use throughout the temporary structure industry.